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WelcomeColor Picker, Color Wheel and all about Color!

Free online Color (USA) or Colour (British) tools: information, gradient generator, color wheels etc.

Creating a unique and what is very essential recognizable site, it's necessary to take into account the major factor – the color (or colour, British). The success or vice versa the failure of the site depends on the competently chosen color scheme. Color is the most powerful and the most complicated element of the psychological impact. That's why the scrutiny of the issue is the process of the great importance.

Color is the result of the combination of three components: the source of light, the object and the observer. Every color or the combinations of the colors are perceived differently: visually and psychically, emotionally and psychologically. It is undeniable fact that any web designer, working with the color, is guided by the subjective perception. One should remember the color blend is neatly selected by an expert.

To avoid reinventing the wheel it is worth knowing and using the rules already in existence. Here are the basic concepts. Read more information.

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Color RGB Values

The choice of color tint is a problem that frequently occurs while working with the background design. People have different reaction on different external irritants and thus the perception of the color is different either. In ideal world the color on the computer screen coincides with the color observed by the user. But unfortunately this doesn’t happen in real world. RGB color model is widely used in engineering.

The term "color model" sounds incomprehensible and obscure for normal user. It turns out the term color doesn't exist in nature. Color is one of the light characteristic given by the human. Brain, eyes are the measuring instrument of RGB. RGB is the abbreviation of the words: red, green and blue. How do the RGB colors generate on the computer monitor? The answer is rather simple, by combination of the three main colors. If the intensity is 100%, the white color will be derived. If there is the absence of all three colors, the black color is derived. Each color has the range from 0 to 255.

In HTML #RrGgBb is used – an entry that is also called hexadecimal: each coordinate is recorded in the form or two hexadecimal numbers without blank spaces. For instance, #RrGgBb – the recording of white color - #FFFFFF.

With the development of web technology the broadening of RGB has appeared. The letter A denotes Alpha; it defines the level of the color transparency. Nowadays it is easy to operate the transparency of web page elements. So if you come across RGBA (or aRGB), don’t be confused, it’s just the standard RGB with the specified level of the transparency (alpha channel).

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HTML & CSS color

Let's start with the HTML colors. They are indicated with the six signs going after the sign pound (#, or sharp). For instance, #000000. HTML color is set by using HEX code. HEX color is the hexadecimal notion of RGB. It is worth reminding that colors are represented in the three groups of HEX numbers. Each group corresponds to particular color. Each of the three colorsred, green and blue – gets the notion beginning with 00 till FF. The color model based on red, green and blue components is called RGB (red, green, blue). Background is also an essential concept. With the help of CSS one can create the background of the web page and other entries. The experienced web designer is comforted by the thought that CSS allows to use 16777216 colors that are represented by the name, RGB notion or HEX code.

Surfing the Internet sites we often pay attention to the effect, background and backdrop, flare spots etc. In web designing all of these are done with the help of color gradient (smooth blend of colors). Here goes the question. What is the best way of choosing the correct color combination? The problem of right color choice is commonly encountered problem in web designing. Some colors are blended harmoniously some not. The color wheel helps both the novice and the professional web designer resolve the dilemma of color choice.

The color layout in color wheel corresponds with the palette of RGB colors where red, blue and green colors can be noticed easily. The complementary colors are generated by the combination of the main colors. They are yellow, light blue (sky blue) and purple.

It is very important for web designer to work with color skillfully and competently. There is no sense denying the bond between the color and the emotions. A self-respecting web designer won't miss the opportunity to use this impact. An average user won't remember the color of the background but after being on line for some time he or she will form a particular attitude to the web site. The right color choice not only guarantees the positive frame of the site but it makes the perception of the given information much easier.